Lovatnet: The Beauty Spot with a Tragic History

Lovatnet: The Beauty Spot with a Tragic History

This vacationer hotspot is one of the most beautiful places in Norway, but it hides a tragic secret. Below is the story of the Lovatnet tragedy, and the chance of it taking place yet again.

The Norwegian fjrods are recognised throughout the world for their gorgeous purely natural natural beauty. Extensive just before mass tourism, the mystery of the fjords captivated European royals from considerably and large.

Moody scene at Lake Lovatnet in Norway.

Right now, the all-natural elegance of the Norwegian fjords is no key. Fuelled by great photography shared on social media, fjord Norway is swamped by international site visitors each and every summer season.

One particular of these spots to have liked a boost in acceptance is Lovatnet lake around Loen on the Nordfjord. Its proximity to the Olden cruise port and the Loen Skylift implies far more people today than ever ahead of are browsing the lake.

A person look at the photos from Lovatnet (also identified as Loenvatnet) and you’ll soon see why the glacial lake has come to be so well-known. It is simply just spectacular.

Behind the superior seems to be

But there is a threat at Lovatnet which is concealed in basic sight. People identical steep mountains that lend the lake its dramatic landscape are also liable for tragedy.

Lovatnet lake in fjord Norway.

If you know exactly where to appear, you will see a couple scars in the rock on the mountainside. They are the most evident trace as to what occurred here various instances about the final 100 years.

At the commencing of the 20th century, two little farming settlements Bødal and Nesdal ended up flourishing. There were good farming conditions and tourism numbers have been on the up. But then, it all altered.

The Lovatnet rockslides

Concerning 1900 and 1950, quite a few rockslides from the mountain Ramnefjellet plunged into the serene water at the southern conclude of the lake developing fatal tsunami waves.

There experienced been warning signs. The range of rockfalls from the 1,493-metre-substantial Ramnefjellet had been growing. But handful of had anticipated what would happen subsequent.

In 1936, a complete of 74 persons shed their lives. What created the disaster even more durable to swallow was that it arrived just 31 a long time just after a identical incident. What worries locals is that geologists are just about guaranteed it is heading to happen once more 1 day.

Jostedalsbreen glacier feeds Lovatnet lake.
Jostedalsbreen glacier feeds Lovatnet lake.

The 1905 tragedy at Lovatnet

In 1905, a rockslide of 350,000 cubic metres fell into the lake from a peak of roughly 500 metres.

The resulting waves, which achieved a peak of about 40 metres, killed fifty percent the inhabitants of two lakeside villages. In full, 61 people today died and 60 houses have been ruined together with many boats and boathouses. The ultimate wave tossed the vacationer boat ‘Lodalen’ 300 metres inland.

Sad to say, geologists that analyzed the 1905 incident determined the likelihood of a repeat was tiny. This intended that farms and villages ended up rebuilt by the lake, albeit a small increased up. It was an error of judgement that would confirm incredibly high priced without a doubt.

The 1936 tragedy at Lovatnet

After many years of no exercise on the mountain, the 1930s saw fractures establish and a quantity of insignificant rockslides arise. However, with the settlements possessing been rebuilt increased up, individuals didn’t come to feel at threat even with the regular rockfalls.

In 1936, much more than 1 million cubic metres of rock fell from a height of additional than 800 metres into the lake. The impact of this rock on the lake established 3 tsunami waves, which reached land with nearly no warning.


The hurt induced was huge. As the waves crashed on to land, they wrecked 16 farms and lots of other properties together with a ability station, sawmill and workshop. In total, 74 people today missing their life, with a lot of a lot more experiencing destroy.

Lovatnet now

Amazingly, there a number of farmers dwelling on the shores of Lovatnet currently. However, because of to the challenges posed by the mountains, land use and enhancement is strictly controlled.

The scars in the landscape are evidently seen and have been the topic of several scientific reports.

Subtle checking products and evacuation designs are now in area. That intended that satisfactory warning if—or alternatively when—a repeat incident happens should be probable.

Is it risk-free to visit Lovatnet?

Situated at the inner conclude of the Nordfjord shut to two glaciers and the not too long ago-opened Loen Skylift, Lovatnet has significantly to bring in the curious tourist. But is it safe to take a look at the location?

Lovatnet lake in Fjord Norway.

Presented the innovative monitoring and warning units now in position, I would advise that Lovatnet is a relatively secure place to go to. There are numerous other sections of Norway with a comparable hazard profile, in particular in the fjord region.

The chance can broadly be as opposed to viewing an earthquake-inclined town these as San Francisco. We know a important earthquake is likely to manifest at some issue, but that will not prevent holidaymakers flocking to the metropolis calendar year-spherical.

For the curious, the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Safety publishes and routinely updates an Analyses of Crisis Scenarios document. This is a in depth menace and chance evaluation document that seems at situation planning for pretty unique scenarios ‘likely’ to materialize in Norway.

This features the hazard of a rockslide triggering a tsunami wave. According to the investigation, the chance of this sort of an incident in a person of the 26 spots identified in the report about the coming 100 decades is approximated at 40%.

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