How To Hike Colorado’s Most Beautiful Winter Hike

How To Hike Colorado’s Most Beautiful Winter Hike

Hiking Jud Wiebe in winter is the ideal Colorado adventure for those looking for snow and scenery.

Colorado Avenue in Telluride facing the San Joan Mountains

If one is looking for a fun and interesting hiking trail while on a skiing vacation in Telluride, then consider the Jud Weibe Trail. The trail is a great place to go for a hike throughout the year (some even hike it during the winter).

Colorado is already one of the most attractive winter excursion spots in the United States; here’s what makes Jud Weibe worth visiting.

Why The Jud Weibe Trail Is Stunning & Worth Hiking

Telluride is a stunning resort town and an essential destination for any Rocky Mountain road trip from Denver. Telluride is also home to one of the most extreme Via Ferratas (or iron ladder paths straight up the cliff faces).


During the winter, some hikers explore the trail while in the summer months it is popular for both hikers and mountain bikers. When hiking the trail, be on the lookout for local wildlife like porcupines, deer, and others.

The hike offers wild mushrooms, wildflowers, steep climbs, pine forests, lush fir forests, aspen groves, waterfalls, open meadows, and roaring creeks (seasonally for some). People can see all of this in only around two hours.

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Along the route, there are benches set on the open hillside where hikers can catch their breath and soak in the views. If one would like to push the hike, then continue for a quarter-mile by Cornet Creek and see the scenic 80-foot Cornet Creek Falls.

It is a hiking trail that is a favorite for locals, including for walking their dogs.

What To Know About Planning To Hike The Jud Weibe Trail


The Jud Weibe Trail is a loop trail and can be accessed by Aspen Street or Tomboy Room, the trailheads are one block apart in the small town. It is a more moderate climb when starting out from Aspen Street.

For a more moderate hike, consider hiking the trail in a clockwise direction.

Come spring, it is one of the first hikes in the area that becomes clear of snow.

  • Distance: 2.7 Miles Roundtrip
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

While the trail is short, it is quite steep and gains some 1,200 feet in just over a mile. The whole trail stays below 10,000 above sea level and is found on the “sunny side” of the town.

If one is coming during the early spring, keep in mind that there can be snow and ice lingering in the wooded sections. If one is hiking the trail in the winter, or when there may be snow and ice it can be a good idea to take Yaktrax or other traction devices.

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One of the great things about the trail is that it is one of the most accessible trails from downtown Telluride. Not that there is no parking at either of the trailheads, instead folks need to park on the streets of the town.

Be aware that many of the streets in Telluride are limited to only two hours of parking.

Another option is to park in Mountain Village and take the year-round aerial tram service into Telluride (it is free).

What Makes Telluride A Stunning Coloradan Rocky Getaway

Everyone knows of Aspen, but there are plenty of other stunning Rock Mountain resort towns to explore.

Telluride is a former silver mining camp on the San Miguel River in the western San Juan Mountains. It was founded in 1878 (originally called “Columbia”) and is set in a beautiful box canyon.

The steep mountains and cliffs are forested, and the hillsides are dotted with many weathered ruins of old mining operations that speak to a very different time. At the same time, the Victorian Telluride Historic District is one of Colorado’s 20 National Historic Landmarks.

Telluride is connected with Mountain Village by a free gondola service. It is a favorite scenic US skiing destination and is renowned for its excellent ski resorts and ski slopes during the winter.

During the summer the town is famous for having an extensive festival schedule (including a Hot Air Balloon festival). Actually, the Rockies is one of the best places to go hot air balloon riding in the USA.

Telluride is more than just a ski resort town; it is a year-round destination.