46 Best Gifts for Travelers in 2023

46 Best Gifts for Travelers in 2023

We know that finding the perfect gift for travelers can be a difficult task but we’ve done the hard work for you. Dave and I have been professional travel bloggers since 2009 and have tried and tested nearly every gadget out there. This comprehensive list gives you ideas to choose the best travel gifts that your loved one will actually use while traveling or at home.

Here are our best travel themed gifts that will get you the thumbs up when opened this season.

Best Gifts for Travelers

After trying countless products over 20 years of travel we’ve narrowed down the best gifts for travelers that have personally tested. No matter what your budget is these travel gifts are great ideas for the travel enthusiast in your life. Looking for more travel gifts for frequent travelers? Check out these 32 Best Gifts for Outdoor Lovers and Adventurers

Best Travel Gifts Under $25

1. Apple Air Tags

best gifts for travelers apple air tags

Lost luggage has become common in a post-pandemic world and Apple Air Tags have been a huge help for finding our bags. We lost our luggage en route to an Alaskan cruise and actually sent the airline a screenshot of where our bag was in the airport. When they said they didn’t know where our bags were, we told them we can see exactly where they are. When you can’t travel carry on only, this is a must-have travel gear item that helps give your loved one peace of mind.

2. CLICKR Phone Grip and Expandable Stand

best gifts for travelers under 23 dollars

CLCKR is a perfect phone case for frequent travelers as it makes it easy to watch videos and online content while on a plane. This unique piece of travel gear has a built in stand or universal grip. It’s handy for watching or creating video content on the go as the case stands your device in landscape or portrait mode. It’s streamlined design also is very fashionable.

3. World Travel Adapter

Plug Adapter best travel gifts

Finding the right travel adapter over the years has been a challenge but after getting this OREI M8 All-In-One International Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter we love it. This is a piece of travel gear we can’t go with out as it converts plugs for any country in the world at the slide of a switch, which makes for great travel gifts for people who travel for work or leisure. Most importantly it is light and durable so you won’t have to replace it after a few uses like other models we have tried.

4. Portable Luggage Scale

Best Gifts for Travelers - Portable Luggage Scale

There is nothing worse than getting to the airport check-in counter finding out you have to pay a fee for overweight luggage. A portable scale has become an invaluable piece of travel gear. With a portable luggage scale, you can weigh it at home before you start your travels. This will definitely help frequent travelers save time, money, and hassle every time they leave home.

5. Portable Carry-on Luggage bag

Foldable Carry on travel gifts

We have started carrying this type of travel bag on all of our trips because it has so many uses. It is big enough to fit extra souvenirs, to take clothes and towels to the beach, and a laundry bag when we are hiking. The Arxus Foldable Tote folds up really small, is lightweight and durable, and slides right onto the back of your suitcase for easy carryon. Read more: 22 Best Luggage Brands For Every Budget

6. UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

travel gifts uv toothbrush

If you are traveling in the backcountry, sharing hostels or going anywhere with a shared bathroom this Pursonic S1 Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitizer will give you some peace of mind. This toothbrush sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. We started using this last year and fell in love with it. It is packed on every trip we take now.

7. Flight Flap – Phone and Tablet Holder

Travel Gifts Phone and Tablet holder

With more and more airlines making watch entertainment on your own device we were looking for something that we could use to hold our devices so our necks don’t cramp. After a lot of searching, we found the perfect solution in the Flight Flap Phone & Tablet Holder that is specifically designed for air travel. Your loved one will thank you for this handy piece of travel gear when watching movies on the plane. Trust me, you will never have a cramped neck again!

8. Airplane Moisturizing Kit

Moisturizing Travel Kit gifts for travel under 25 dollars

Everyone knows how dry it can get on the airplane, especially on those long-haul flights. That is why we always bring a Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Kit with us on our travels. This is a great kit that help us to stay moisturized throughout the flight and our travels. With just a little care on the flight, you can arrive a little more refreshed.

9. No Ordinary Eye Mask

best gifts for travelers eye mask

One of the things I love about this Pretty Care Travel Eye Mask is that it doesn’t rest on your eyes. It is raised so there is no pressure on them like traditional eye masks. It’s padded it really blocks out the light. It is always in my travel kit to bring on an airplane. I sleep like a baby on long-haul flights with this.

Best Gifts for Travelers under $100

10. Travel Packing Cubes

best travel gear for your loved one - Packing Cubes
We never leave home without travel packing cubes

There is a reason that packing cubes are always popular. Packing cubes make great stocking stuffers and are an affordable option for organizing your travel bag. I stuff clothes, electronics, and even my dirty laundry to keep them from smelling in my packing cubes. Everything is neatly packed away in color-coded cubes making my travels more organized and less cluttered. These compression packing cubes always make one of the best travel gifts every year.

11. White Noise Machine

best gifts for travelers white noise maching

Dave and I cannot sleep without white noise. This white noise machine will drown out loud neighbors, thumping music, and a snoring loved one. We were recently in Chile and music was playing all night long. Others in our group didn’t sleep a wink, but we had our white noise matching going and didn’t wake up once. For frequent travelers or first-time travelers, this is the perfect piece of travel gear to add to their travel bag.

12. The Trtl Travel Pillow

travel gear for your loved one - Trtl Travel Neck Pillow

Sleeping on planes can be a pain in the neck (See what I did there?). But with the Trtl Neck travel pillow, those days are gone. This is the Cadillac of all-neck pillows and one of the best gifts for frequent world travelers who are on planes a lot. It is scientifically proven to support your neck and aid sleep during long flights. And let me tell you this works. If you want to be comfortable on your next plane ride then get one of these.

13. Belkin Mini Surge Protector

Belkin Mini Surge Protector perfect gift for Traveling

If you read our blog often, you’ll know that I recommend the Belkin as one of the top pieces of travel equipment out there and one we recommend every year. The Belkin Mini Surge Protector is probably one of the most useful pieces of travel ger you can get someone. It not only protects your electronics from power surges, but it also charges several things at once with 3 outlets and 2 USB ports.

14. Portable Power Bank

Anker Portable PowerCore Lite travel gear for your loved one

Everybody needs some portable power when they are traveling. Nothing is more frustrating than having your phone or iPad die at the wrong moment. That is why we use the PowerCore Lite 20000. It has 2 outputs and saves us from carrying 2 separate power banks. This portable charger is lightweight and it carries enough charge to recharge your phone up to 3 times! For those who want just one outlet, make sure to check out the PowerCore Lite 10000.

15. SleepPhones

sleepphones make great travel gifts for travelers

We just tried these babies out on our flight from St. Lucia and they worked like a charm. I always suggest having noise-canceling headphones on an airplane, but when you go to sleep, it can be difficult keeping them on your head. And they get in the way. These SleepPhones have Bluetooth technology and are wireless. They are not only good for the plane if you live in the city, but they are also great to use to fall asleep while listening to soothing music. There’s an easy sizing guide that worked great. I ordered medium and it fits perfectly. Check them out and see what you think

16. BioLite AlpenGlo 250

best travel gifts bio tech light

The BioLite AlpenGlo 250 great gift for travelers who love to get outdoors, do some camping and get off the beaten path. This lantern gives off ambient light with several different settings depending on your mood. Change the colours and even put it in a party mode where the colors change and flicker. It’s great for adding ambient light to the campsite, hotel room or to a cramped van when taking a road trip cross country. Plus a great additional feature is that the lantern is rechargeable and doubles a powerbank to charge your cell phone.

Best Gifts for Travelers at Home

These gifts for travel lovers are great for those who are stuck at home but still dream of hitting the road. Or reminder them of their favourite travels around the world. If you want more gift ideas you may also like these 30 Work From Home Gifts – Great Ideas for Remote Working

17. Travel Scratch Map Deluxe

World Scratch Map best gifts for Travelers

Remember the days when you put a pin on a world map to mark where you’ve been? Now there’s something better. The Luckies of London Scratch Map Deluxe has a gold foil layer that you can scratch off as you go and keep track of where you have been. Create your own wall art by showing off your travels and don’t worry about buying those pins to go with it. This is perfect for the person who is dreaming of traveling around the world.

18. Magnetic Globe

Travel cork globe with pegs best travel gifts

This Cork Globe is the coolest gift idea for the travel lover to appreciate when at home. Your travel friends can pin all the places they’ve been onto this handy globe. The globe comes with 30 magnetic pins, but you can buy more from MapMagnet on Amazon.

19. Wall Art World Map

Wall art World Map Travel Gifts

If a Scratch Map isn’t what you are looking for then you may like this Vintage Canvas World Map. At 20X40 it is perfect to hang in your home office or living room. Use it to plan future travels or as a conversation starter with friends about places you have already been.

Fun Travel Gifts for Women

I love all of these items even when I’m not traveling. But the items below are specially made to be lightweight, small, and easy to organize making them the perfect travel gear for women no matter what her taste is.

21. The Tangle Teezer

Gifts for Travel lovers - The Tangle Teezer

If you have long hair then I know you can relate to this one. Whether we are traveling to a tropical destination or trekking in the Himalayas my hair gets tangled. But, when I found the Tangle Teezer all that changed. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for a reasonable price. It is light, compact and it works!

22. Silk Wrap

best travel gifts for your loved one - Silk Scarf

I can’t travel without a silk scarf. It keeps me warm on the plane when the air conditioning is cranked too high, it dresses up my evening outfit, and it keeps me modest when walking into a temple overseas. I have found that this particular Silk Scarf by Dana XU is the perfect combination of lightweight and soft. Your loved one will adore this unique idea.

23. Underwear Travel Organizer

Women's Travel Gifts - Bra and Underwear Organizer

Staying organized is a key factor in packing light. So having all my undergarments in one place is a must. I have ruined many a lovely bra during my travels by squishing them into my suitcase. Your loved one will appreciate this Fashion Portable Travel Organizer, I can organize all my undergarments and keep them neat and tidy in one place. It’s the best gift for travelers who want to stay organized.

24. Compression Socks

Compression Socks travel gifts for frequent travelers

Compression socks help with circulation and leg exhaustion when traveling on long flights. If you have frequent travelers on your list these make perfect gifts. This Multi-Pack from CHARMKING will give you enough to last for several trips. Compression socks really help if your legs and feet are constantly tired from all that traveling.

Cool Travel Gifts for Him

I had to consult Dave for this one. He owns every one of the items listed below. When I asked him what were some of his favorite travel gear for men, these were his choices.

25. Leather Toiletry Bag

best travel gifts Dopp Travel Toiletry Bag for Men

A man needs to be organized and this Elviros Travel Toiletry Kit is a classy way to store all his toiletries in one place. It has two main compartments and 5 mesh pockets to keep everything in place. It comes with a handy strap so you can hang it anywhere and the zippers are heavy duty so this will last for a long time.

26. ExOfficio Men’s Give-n-go Boxer Brief

Travel Gifts for Men Exofficio Briefs

Underwear is always a personal choice, but once you try ExOfficio’s Men’s Give-n-go Boxer Brief these you won’t wear any other pair. Now, I know at first, underwear is not something you might think of giving, but if your husband or significant other is looking for comfort down there (I guarantee he is) then these make a great stocking stuffer.

I have used these for years and don’t travel with any other brand. They are comfortable, easy to wash, and dry quickly. Perfect for the male traveler in your life.

27. Arcteryx Delta LT Fleece

Fleece Jacket for Traveling best travel gifts

After 10 years of traveling full-time Dave has tried many fleece jackets and this one from Arcteryx comes out on top. It’s good for layering, comes in a few different colors and it is stylish enough that he can wear it out at night. Note: These usually fit a little small so you might want to order a size up as I did.

28. Nomad Passport Leather Wallet

travel gifts passport Wallet for Men who travel

When we first started traveling, fashion was not really a priority for Dave. But as we have gotten older he is looking into things that not only have great functionality but also look good. A Passport Wallet fits the bill. It is top grain leather, comes with Tile Tracking, and fits up to 10 cards plus your passport and boarding passes. If you are looking for fashion and function this is one of the best travel gifts for your man.

29. Tilly Hat

best Travel Gifts - Tilley Hat

The Tilly Hat is the best travel hat and we both own one. The wide brim protects your neck and face, and there’s plenty of ventilation to keep your head cool. It’s easy to clean too. If you know someone who does a lot of kayaking, hiking or spends a lot of time outdoors as we do then they will really appreciate this.

Travel gear Ideas for Outdoor Adventurers

Travelers are very giving people. If you are looking for something unique to give during the holiday season, check out these Travel Charities – Gift Giving Ideas for the Holidays

30. Steripen Water Purifier

Water Filter best travel gifts

We have used the Steripen in backcountry adventures all around the world. It is easy to use and helps us reduce the use of plastic water bottles. Fill your water bottle with lake water, tap water in a developing country or even a pond and you’ll have clean water in seconds! The Steripen purifies water in 90 seconds for a 1-litre bottle using UV light.

31. USB Re-Chargeable Travel Headlamp

Hiking Headlamp gifts for adventure travelers

Having tried out many different headlamps over the years we have found Black Diamond to be the most reliable and the best value for your money. The Re-Volt from Black Diamond headlamp is rechargeable, durable, and water-resistant. It is the headlamp we use and recommend. This is the perfect gift for travelers and backpackers alike. It has so many uses and once you own one you will wonder how you traveled without it.

32. X-Brew Coffee Dripper

best gifts for travelers

For Backcountry Campers this X-Brew Coffee Dripper is a better option than the French Press. This lightweight collapsible coffee dripper comes with a collapsible mug and reusable filter. It all collapse’s down to smaller than a beverage coaster! When looking for gifts for that caffeine fanatic, backpackers or campers this is a superb choice.

33. Sea to Summit Dry Bag Set

Dry Bags for Kayaking best travel gifts

You never know when you might need a dry bag in your travels. You may find you’re going on a water adventure or you might end up in a water festival in Thailand or Holi in India.

The Sea to Summit dry bags are some of the most lightweight and durable ones around, and we have found they are the most reliable as well.

34. Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool

Gifts for people that travel: Leatherman Wave

This is one of those adventure travel essentials that we don’t leave home without. It has come in handy on so many occasions. When you need a bottle opener, a screwdriver, nail file, or a quick fix to the camera or travel gear this is our go-to tool. We use the Leatherman Wave but there is also a smaller version called the Leatherman Squirt. Any frequent traveler that takes on different adventures should have this in their backpack.

35. Wiseowl Portable Hammock

best travel gifts Portable Travel Hammok

I was never really a “Hammock” kind of guy but when someone gave me one of these that all changed. This Wiseowl Portable Travel Hammock is lightweight sets up almost anywhere and man is it comfortable. Make sure to throw this in your backpack or suitcase for your next trip to the islands!

Best Gifts for Travel Photographers

Do you have a budding travel photographer on your list? If so, then check out these best gifts for the traveler who loves photography. They are guaranteed to help them capture the best image possible on their next trip.

36. Sony RX100

best gifts for travelers are cameras
Our go-to walking around affordable camera

Dave loves the Sony RX100 VI as a final addition to his two DSLR Sony bodies. I use it for video and vlogging all the time! It fits great on my gimbal too keeping things lightweight but looking like a million bucks. With a Carl Zeiss lens and 20.1 megapixels, you’ll have professional-quality photos for a fraction of the price of other professional cameras. We love it. It’s small, lightweight, and easy to use and we often leave the bulky DSLRs behind for the day and use this as our camera to capture amazing travel photos.

37. Lenspen Cleaning Pens

Travel Photography travel gifts Lenspen

As a professional photographer, I know that keeping your lenses clean is a top priority. The last thing you want to see on your holiday photos is dust specks. I have been using the LensPen for years now and it has never let me down. This Pro Pack comes with 3 Lenspens that are safe, fast, and easy to use on any lens, filter, eyepiece, or LCD screen. It is everything you need to bring back sharp and clean images.

38. Travel Tripod

Travel Tripod by Joby best travel gifts

Versatility is something we look for in every piece of gear that we own and a tripod is no exception. Whether you want to capture beautiful shots of the milky way or just snap some great selfies while traveling solo every photographer should carry a tripod. The beauty of the Joby Gorillapod 3K is you can practically mount it anywhere. It is lightweight, has a ball head and it will support cameras up to 2.2 pounds. We use this on every trip and it has become a valuable addition to our camera kit.

39. Black Rapid Camera Strap

best travel gifts Camera strap for traveling

When it comes to camera accessories Black Rapid Sport Breathe Camera Strap is definitely my favorite piece of gear. This is the best-designed camera strap on the market. With a padded shoulder, an underarm strap for more comfort and stability, and the locking carabiner quick-release it covers all the bases. No more missing shots because your camera was in your bag. Be ready to capture any moment just by adding this to your camera gear.

Luxury Travel Gifts

No holiday travel gift list would be complete without including some ideas for the person who loves the finer things in life. These luxury travel gifts will help you choose the right present for the discerning traveler on your list this year.

40. Level8 Luggage for Traveling

best gifts for travelers Level 8 Luggage

I think we have tried every type of carry-on luggage out there over the years and we love this Pro Carry-on with Laptop Pocket by Level8. We felt so chic going through the airport with these hard cases and modern design and it was easy to pop out my laptop and documents right from the front of my carry on when going through security.

For our checked bags, our yellow Voyageur Check-In 28′ turned heads. We didn’t worry about anyone mixing up our bags on the conveyor belt with our unique color and design. We found the 28-inch a bit too large, but you can order 24′ or 26′. But with the large handle and ultra-quite 360° spinner wheels it was super easy to navigate through the airport.

  • On a personal note, my hard case carry on fell from the top of a van on my trip and because my laptop was secure in the front hard case pocket, it wasn’t damaged. That was a huge relief. Save 10% off all products with the code ThePlanetD10

41. Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones

best travel gifts AirPods Pro Noise Cancelling Headphones

I have used the Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones for years but recently bought myself a pair of AirPods Pro and have really fallen in love with them. They are much smaller and more lightweight than my previous noise cancellation headphones and with the advanced noise-canceling technology, the comfortable ear pads, and great quality sound out there these make long-haul plane flights bearable.

You can control the volume and skip songs at the touch of a finger and they don’t cover your ears so they are easy to sleep with. One other thing I found cool is that you can use the charging container as a phone holder to watch movies as well.

42. Kindle Paperwhite

best travel gifts Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Reader

With a glare-free display, the Kindle Paperwhite is like reading on paper. Even in the sunlight. It is much easier than carrying around heavy books. Plus it is waterproof, and the battery lasts for hours. Load it with some of your favorite travel books and give this bestseller to the travel lover in your life. Get this gift so the traveler in your life can pack light, but still read lots of books!

43. Sony Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

travel gifts Portable Bluetooth Speaker for travel

If you are someone who watches a lot of movies on their laptop or just like to turn up the tunes, the Sony Waterproof Portable Speaker is a luxury you will want to take with you. It is small enough that is doesn’t take up a lot of room it is waterproof and dustproof so it is durable and it has a great sound quality. Many of the other speakers out there may claim to have crisp sound but this speaker actually lives up to the hype.

Best Gifts for Travelers Who Love to Read

44. 1000 Places to See Before you Die

best travel gifts : Places to See Before You Die

If you have someone on your list that loves to travel but has a hard time making up their mind on where to go then make sure to pick up 1000 Places to See Before You Die by Patricia Schultz. This book really has been a big inspiration for us when it comes to looking for new places to travel. It is well written and has destinations that may not even have thought of. And side note: We know Patricia and she is awesome!

 45. Ultimate Journeys for Two

best travel gifts ultimate journeys for two

Our friends Mike and Anne partnered with National Geographic to pen this great travel book about adventures for two. Make sure you get your copy. It makes a great conversation starter or coffee table travel book! Cool Fact: We wrote one chapter for this book too!

46. How to Travel the World on $50 a Day

travel gifts how to travel the world

Do you know someone who wants to backpack or travel the world on a budget? If so then make sure to get them How to Travel the World on $50 a Day by Matt Kepnes. It is full of great advice on things like travel hacking and smart banking, along with tips and tricks to traveling around the world on a limited budget.

And those are the best gifts for travelers for 2021. I hope you enjoyed all of our travel gifts and found something for the traveler or loved one in your life. Whether you are budget conscious or a luxury traveler or you are just looking for a fun travel gift for a special occasion we can recommend all of the items above because we actually own them.

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Best Travel Gifts for this year for the traveler in your life. Find the perfect gift no matter what your budget. More on TheplanetD.com
Best Travel Gifts for this year for the traveler in your life. Find the perfect gift no matter what your budget. More on TheplanetD.com

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