A Creative Tour To Experience Its Best Zip-Lining, Rafting, & Biking

A Creative Tour To Experience Its Best Zip-Lining, Rafting, & Biking

America is the home of adrenaline junkies; just like this ziplining adventure park in Miami, Upstate New York is also a great place for adrenaline junkies. From skydiving to plane flying, bungee jumping, riding the open-air boat tour, ziplining, biking, or cave exploring—Upstate New York has all an adrenaline junkie needs. All the adventure junkies need to get their blood pumping and hearts overwhelmed with thrills, and intensity can be found in this region.

Those who are not junkies but are in need of an adrenaline rush either to let out some steam or get rid of their fears will also enjoy this region.


Some of the best places to enjoy an adrenaline adventure are Hunter Mountain, Canal way trail, Plattekill bike park, etc.

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Ziplining on a Mountain

Year-round, regardless of the season, adventure seekers can have fun ziplining while enjoying scenic and captivating views of mountain peaks and tropical forests.

Although ziplining originally started as a means of transportation, it has grown to be one of the best ways to let out steam and throw caution to the wind in an intrepid way.

Upstate New York is known as the home of thrills—coupled with the lush forest and mountains that have made the region their abode, Upstate New York is a zipliners favorite. And here are the places in Upstate New York every zipliner should know:

Mountain Ridge’s Adventure Without Obstacle

Mountain ridge adventure gives zipliners adventure without obstacles—literally. They have all sorts of rope and line challenges like the Zipline, canopy tour, rope courses, etc. Zipliners should prepare their minds to fly over a 500 canyon. With a $50 zipliner pass, zipliners get 2 hours of undiluted ziplining pleasure.

The 6 Ziplines of Hunter Mountain

With 6 ziplines, 4 rope courses, 9 tree terraces, and 1 rope down, zipliners will enjoy the world’s second-longest ziplining. Super challenging and super wild—Hunter mountain is a place every zipliner will love. Prices vary depending on the zipline tour chosen but the Summit Skyrider Tour comes highly recommended. It gives a great view of the mountain, and it takes adventurers 600 feet above the ground. It is incredibly challenging that zipliners have to attend the zipline pilot training before they are qualified to take the Skyrider tour.

  • Summit Skyrider Tour Price: $149

Ensure body weight is 110–250 pounds before mounting the Zipline.

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Windham Mountain During The Weekend

For $10 – $15, zipliners will enjoy a ziplining weekend at the Windham Mountain Ski Resort. Not too far from the Appalachian Mountains; the resort allows zipliners a thrilling view of the highest peak of the mountain at 40 feet above the ground.

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River Rafting in Groups

Rafting At The Safest And Top Rivers In Upstate New York

Rafting dates far back to the 1950s when modern rafting with safety materials was included in outdoor activity. However, before then many people had taken up rafting as a sport and as a commercial activity. Today, rafting is known as an outdoor activity enjoyed alone or with a group of people. It is the go-to sport of an adrenaline junkie who loves the feel of water splashing on them while paddling the unsinkable raft.

Rafting can be easy or difficult depending on the skill of the paddler, the rafter’s choice of rafting level, or the type of rafting. Although there are other places in the US, like Desolation Canyon in Utah, considered the best rafting place, you don’t need to go there before enjoying the topmost rafting. Here are places in Upstate New York every rafter must visit to have a wonderful time.

Whitewater Rafting At The Adirondacks

The Adirondacks of Watertown is one of the top places for whitewater rafting in Upstate New York. Situated in the midst of some of the largest and top rivers in Upstate, Adirondack satisfies every rafter pining with the best rafting options. With a backdrop of trees, towering cliffs, and a torrential river, rafters will enjoy the moment till the very last paddle. It gives the vibe rafters will get whitewater rafting in Catskills and more.

Rafters get to choose how thrilling they want the trip to be by choosing from the four options of rivers to go whitewater rafting. Veteran and Professional rafters should look forward to the class 6 rafting level which is the most difficult level that can only be done by experts. Visitors should budget $50-$100 for a day or half a day trip.

Water Fights And Rafting At Sacandaga Outdoor Center

With the best river location, Sacandaga Outdoor Center is not too far from the Hudson River and it has the safest and most fun water experience. Singles, families and even children can enjoy the fun paddling experience. SOC basically has all it takes to give everyone an adventurous rafting experience. Whitewater rafting is the number one popular activity in SOC and visitors can enjoy fun water fights and challenges while on the boat with other families or groups. Prices vary from $300 – $600 for groups of 6 – 10.

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Biking on a Trail

Biking On The Trails Of New York

Biking or Cycling is both a healthy and fun exercise. Basic biking can be done by kids and adults who want to stay fit or enjoy a little challenge among each other. However, adrenaline junkies take biking up a notch by going on thrill rides on bike trails and mountains. There are several places in Upstate New York to go biking. Currently, the longest bike trail is being constructed in America and cyclists can’t wait for it to finish. Bikers can even go cycling on the main road or on abandoned roads, but the places listed below are some of the most exciting places anyone can go cycling in New York. New to biking? Here is a guide for bikers going sightseeing.

The Trails Of Plattekill Mountain

Plattekill Mountain is the trail for every biker level. Both basic and professional-level bikers will find their place in Plattekill Mountain. Tourists arriving in the city without bikes can also rent bikes in Plattekill.

Trails can be accessed at $45 to $80, while bike rentals go for $85 to $150. Protective gear can also be purchased.

The Easy To Access Erie Canalway Trail

Erie Canalway offers history lessons, amenities, and community along with cycling adventures. Events and multiday trips are also held to make cycling more fun for bikers and visitors. Bikers can go up to 360 miles on the Canalway trail.

Enjoy a long cycling trail while sightseeing, meeting new people, and participating in festivals and tours. Check out the official website for more

Ensure to go with protective gear for each of these sports or purchase one at the location to stay safe.